Karl Nawrot/Walter Warton (Lyon, FR), info@voidwreck.com


Slacklands, 2014, Archive for Rural Contemporary Architecture (London, UK)
6 drawings for the ARCA which surveys, collates and celebrates Britain’s rare and often-over looked twentieth century rural architectural sites.
(Image: St Peter's Seminary, 2014, ink on paper, 297 mm × 420 mm)

Light Spaces, 2012, Second Face (Lyon, FR)
Architectural representation and free interpretation of the (light) spaces drawn by the LED tubes in a hairdess salon located in Lyon.
(Images: ink on paper, 297 mm × 420 mm)

Part II/II — Body Double, 2016, Art Sonje Center (Seoul, KR)
Part II/II — Body Double consists of 7 different illustrations, with the work presented changing daily over the course of the week. As a counterpart to Part I/II — Natural History, which was produced prior to the Art Sonje Center’s renovations, the illustrations re-investigate the Center’s building through architectural drawings.
(Images: 2/7 compositions, ink on paper, 297 mm × 420 mm)

Empire Cheese (K/W #11), 2010, Knife Slits Water (Amsterdam, NL)
A rudimentary architectural model and an unfinished font (2008) for a tape.