MIND WALKS  PP. 382–383 Index (PDF)  
Mind Walks compiles more than 900 images of selected works made by Karl Nawrot between 2004 and 2017. Edited and designed by Karl Nawrot, with a text written and typeset by James Langdon, translated by Jean-François Caro and proofread by Stéphanie Geel. Set in Janson and printed in an edition of 1000 copies by Printon Trükikoda on MB Prime and UPM Sol Matt. Published by Rollo Press and distributed by Idea Books. Supported by the Centre national des arts plastiques and the Centre national du graphisme, Chaumont. Thanks to Laurence Dalivoust, Jean-Michel Géridan, James Langdon and Urs Lehni.  17 × 24 CM  BW  496 P.  EN/FR  ISBN 978-3-906213-23-1  
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