Karl Nawrot/Walter Warton (Saint-Mandé, FR), info@voidwreck.com

Paper Trail (for KM), 2017, Une Saison Graphique 17 – Parcours de Design Graphique Contemporain (Le Havre, FR)
Painting [C] conceived for the exhibition's poster* of Karel Martens at the Carré du THV. On the invitation of KM and Pierre-Yves Cachard.
(Images: [A] Paper Trail (halfway)**, acrylic on paper, 210 mm × 297 mm [B] photograph of the unfinished paper model / another model built in 2013 (Seoul, KR)
[C] Paper Trail, acrylic on paper, 297 mm × 421 mm)
*Printed by Lézard Graphique (Brumath, FR), silkscreen, 1200 mm × 1760 mm **Postcard version: offset printing, 105 mm × 148 mm.